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INXS (pt1) by joshglid
April 9, 2012, 10:20 am
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I’ve been listening to INXS’ album The Swing a bit lately. I’m going to write something more substantial soon (well, as soon as I figure out what it is I am going to write). 

But what strikes me is how good this album is. Pretty much every song is a hit. Yet today, INXS is laughed at. And perhaps rightly so. They should not have kept on after Michael died (and I am going to write more about Michael’s death soon). INXS without Hutchence wasn’t INXS. It was a tribute band. 

But leave all that aside. The Swing is a great pop album. It’s got this odd electro-funk feel to it. Very few bands could nail that sound, and INXS did. If you’ve got it, give it a spin. And if you don’t have it, well, it’s eleven bucks on iTunes.  You know what you should do. 

and I’m stoked. 


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Oh, how I hate when people refer to INXS as a Pop band. It was something that upset me after I started reading their press releases from Australia in 1983. They were a ska band before I started writing songs for them in June of ’83. Love to read what you have to say about Hutch’s death.

Comment by Amy Lee

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