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Check out this fabulous YouTube video of Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street.

If only the show would invite the likes on again today it would make for some great StayCoolDad moments!


When good bands go bad by Simon Sharwood
April 6, 2006, 11:27 pm
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I listened, or tried to listen, to the most recent Weezer album today.

It is called Make Believe. And it is terrible. Just awful. Somehow this band that was once capable of being cute, satirical or delivering moving mini-epics has descended into bad three minute pop/rock songs that have no distinguishing features. I reckon they sound like Green Day album tracks, which is a huge insult so far as I am concerned.

So what’s happened here? Have my tastes moved on or has Weezer declined?

How can I tell? Should I recommend bands I like to my kids, knowing that they might be a good band gone bad? I’d tell my kids to listen to early Dylan or Stones. Anything in the last 10 years is probably an insult to their intelligence (although this is an interesting effort from the Stones).

But back to Weezer. Perhaps they simply ran out of ideas and are coasting on a decent brand. I hope not. Their early work gives me hope that they are a group I could share with people for some time to come. Unless, of course, it really is their problem and not mine that makes this album such a crock.

enjoying music with your eyes by Simon Sharwood
March 31, 2006, 11:54 pm
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Still harping on about not hearing new music …

I was sniffing around iTMS looking for an old song I like when I came across Spunk Records (also on MySpace – aren’t you*?). Their two-disc 1994-2004 highlights CD contains a wealth of impressive artists (and you get 30 tracks for $34 bucks. Or $18 if you can find it in a shop. Memo to Steve Jobs: something is wrong, bro’)

Anyway, I mosey on over to their site, which doesn’t cost $34, and read the bio for Smog, the artist I was originally looking for, and then the one for the first group in the alphabetical list. Which turns out to be an irresistable sales pitch.

The band, ADULT., finish their bio with “Grammatical Tips for using the band name ADULT.” – a comprehensive style/usage guide to their name, which must always have a full stop on it. Given that I can’t listen to them, this becomes fascinating – does the fact that they’ve gone to all this trouble mean they’ve put no effort into (or have no talent for) the music? Or just the opposite? Does it just mean they’re a bit like Prince going into a silly middle period, but less flamboyant? Turns out it’s all there on iTMS (including yet another bio), so I can find out what they sound like for free for 30 seconds, but … that might spoil everything …

but I know they’re from Detroit, so they’ll sound just like the White Stripes. Or Madonna. Or a Ford

(Oh, you already know this, but typing ADULT. and spunk into Google will not find this band or that label)

*(I hadn’t even heard of MySpace till Simon blogged that study of it!)