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Good Vibrations vs God Only Knows by joshglid
April 9, 2012, 8:24 am
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So I’m guessing, given you’re reading this, you’re familiar with The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds.” Way back when, The Beach Boys released Pet Sounds. Around the same time, The Beatles released Sergeant Peppers. To be honest, I’ve always been more of a Beach Boys kind guy. At least when it came to those two albums. 

The thing is, if you’re into The Beach Boys, are you more of a Good Vibrations person, or God Only Knows?

Here’s God Only Knows

And here’s Good Vibrations

The thing about Good Vibrations is the drop about 2:10 into the song: “I don’t know where, but she takes me there.” and still, loving the drop, I find myself favouring God Only Knows. 

It’s a silly debate, I know. They’re both masterpieces. Brian Wilson once said he wanted to write “teenage symphonies to God.” I reckon, with those two songs, he nailed it. 

and I’m stoked. 


Bon Voyage by joshglid
April 9, 2012, 3:02 am
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There’s a Brisbane label called Bonvoyage. I don’t know a lot about the folks behind it, but I do know there are two ripper bands signed. The first, Martyr Privates, sounds like the space-drunk blues of spacemen 3. Feathers, also have a wonderful surf-inspired track called early morning. 

You can find tracks from both of them here.

On custom surfboards and the nature of soul by joshglid
April 6, 2012, 10:17 am
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I’ve just ordered a new surfboard. When I started surfing, back in 1986, I had a second hand board. As I progressed, I ordered my first custom. It was an Energy thruster, shaped by Simon Anderson, the bloke who invented the modern three fin board. 

 Since then I’ve had lots of boards. I haven’t surfed much recently, but I’ve decided it’s important to me, and something I need to have in my life. The new one will also be made by Simon Anderson. 

 Over the last twenty years there’s been a real shift in the way – if not the materials – surfboards are made. That first Simon custom would have been completely hand-shaped, from a rough foam blank. Then it would have been sealed in resin-impregnated fibreglass, fins added, and delivered to me. 

 Boards are still made from foam and fibreglass. Removeable fins have generally replaced fixed fins, but handshaping is rare. Boards are now cut, using a machine. The machined blank is then hand-finished, coated with ‘glass and resin, and a fin system added. 

 There’s some debate in surfing about whether boards have lost their soul because they’re machine cut. I don’t think they have. When I contacted Simon about a new board, the upshot of our conversation was he’d design something for my needs. 

 These days, however, he designs on computer. That’s where the nay-sayers come in. Computer designs don’t have soul, they say. The heart of surfing is in the hand-made board, they say. 

 I think they’re wrong. At least up to a point. Simon couldn’t design a board – and his are in demand from touring professionals – unless he had a deep, core understanding of surfboard design. He’s among a handful of shapers who are truly world class. 

 Does it matter that the board is cut on a machine and then hand finished? Not to me. He’s still designing the board for me. It’s a custom in every sense of the word, made to my needs and specifications. 

 And that’s where surfing is unique among sports. What other sport could you go to a master, and have something made just for you – and all for (significantly) less than a thousand bucks? None. Most sporting goods are generic. Surfboards are not. Surfers need boards designed for them, and for the waves they ride. They need boards for their skill level. 

 Surfing, at its heart, is still a cottage industry. And it’s still full of soul. That a board is designed and roughed out on machine matters not a jot. It’s the process of consultation and design that’s important. 

 And I’m stoked. 

The Horrors – Moving Further Away by joshglid
April 6, 2012, 9:21 am
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The Horrors by joshglid
April 6, 2012, 9:20 am
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A few years ago, my friend Kate and I saw The Horrors at the Annandale. They were great, but I never thought they’d become as great as they have. There’s this song, called Moving Further Away, off the album Skying, that has this postmodern krautrock thing going on. It’s an 8 minute track on the album, but Kate sent me this live version, which is both high quality, and awesome.

I strongly advise you to get into it. It’s basically the best thing I’ve heard this year. 

REM by joshglid
April 5, 2012, 10:06 am
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I’ve never been a massive REM fan, but there’s one song, Kohoutek, of Fables of the Reconstruction, which really does it for me. So much unrequited longing. Anyway, here’s a link to a live version from 1984.

New Order, 1981 by joshglid
April 4, 2012, 12:31 pm
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Despite my love of the new, there are some things I keep coming back to. One (two) of those things are videos of New Order from 1981. Ian was not long dead, the band was trying to find itself… a lot of later New Order annoys me. I mean, of course I like Blue Monday. Everyone does. But a lot of it was insipid. And “World in Motion”? Please. What were they thinking. 

This video pretty much says it all for me. It’s New Order doing Temptation. It was filmed in 1981. It’s awesome.